6 thoughts on “It’s not picnic day …”

  1. As I know you know, in Australia they have a one liner: “Lest We Forget”. The Aussies try very much harder than we to remember those who gave their lives for the freedoms those back in Oz enjoy. It is shameful that we Yanks do not do far better. Tad sends

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  2. There was a time that American families had a lot more invested (sadly) in the death toll of active military.
    They are far more detached now with fewer people they know serving and dying.

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  3. I see the current VP twittered Friday telling all, Americans to “enjoy the long weekend.” WHAT long weekend you dumb woman? Didn’t even use the words Holiday weekend. Simply reinforces the thought she has no respect whatsoever fo0r the military. Disgusting!

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