5 thoughts on “Lest we forget”

    1. Thank you for clarifying, sir. It would be very stirring to see something similar on the black sands of Iwo Jima, wouldn’t it?


    2. Kanji … I have to tell you I have mixed emotions about Iwo Jima. Just under 7,000 Marines gave up their lives in order to save just under 4,000 airmen. This is an estimated benefit. Iwo was a meat grinder. Was it worth close to 25,000 human lives? My answer is … no.

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    3. I believe it was more lives than 25,000 in total but it is indeed a tough quandary, sir. War was all out then but a deep relationship has blossomed from that catacylsm. I am sure our two joined forces will fight for the man next to them today in respect for those before them. Perhaps that was what they all died for? But was it worth it, as you ask? I am in no position to honestly answer that question…


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