Struggling for Promotion

Young MarineA young lance corporal had taken all of the available courses specific to his military specialty in order to eventually win a promotion to corporal.  And he had taken all of the general knowledge classes available to Marines of his grade—and yet, in spite of all this work, he could not pass the test for promotion to corporal.

The young man went to see Gunnery Sergeant Jones, his NCOIC, who advised, “What you need is a freaking brain transplant.”  Knowing that the gunny was always right —about everything— the young Marine promptly made an appointment with a neurosurgeon in the small town just outside of the base.

After listening to the young Marine’s tale of woe, the doctor told him, “I agree with your gunnery sergeant.  You do need a brain transplant —and, you’re in luck.  We offer carpenters’ brains for about $500, and if you want to spend a little extra, you can get an electrician’s brain for right at $1,000.  On the other hand, if you want a first class brain, you can get a doctor’s brain for about $10,000, or you can have the brain of a member of congress for $50,000.”

“Wow,” said the young leatherneck.  “But I don’t understand why a congressman’s brain is so expensive!”

“Well son,” said the surgeon, “do you have any idea how many politicians we have to go through to find a brain that works?”

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  1. The doctor is incorrect or the brain is from India. There are no working brains to be had from politicians. Their trying to lie to you to get de-brained.


  2. Congressional brains are also located at the rear center and require months of sterilization after removal


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